3D Laser Scanning

Roteq is able to carry out on site 3D Laser Scanning of Rotating as well as Static mechanical assemblies using the latest Hard and Software Technology.

Roteq typically does take these measurements during overhauls without interfering in the maintenance activities.

The measured data allows Roteq to manufacture and reverse engineer locally not being dependent on overseas supply chains or in the case of specialized high quality assemblies to directly order the parts from the proven suppliers of the OEM’s. Roteq’s global company network allows to carry out Quality Inspections prior to the parts being shipped from the specific international manufacturers.

Focusing on the best added value solution to Roteq’s customers we take the critical price-quality-delivery time triangle into account depending on the specific goals going from minimizing production losses due to emergencies, Root Cause Analysis of failure modes (RCA) to lowering supply costs for critical parts that shall be taken on stock.

In addition Roteq is able to use the 3D Laser Roemer Absolute Arms as a highly efficient and precise measurement tool to measure complex geometries such as but not limited to:

  • Internal alignment of turbines or compressors
  • Trueness of machined bores
  • Identifying distorted casing / split-line
  • Accurate thermal growth mapping with before and after referencing
  • Measurement processes to verify the accuracy of precision parts of all types