Workshop Dynamic Balancing

All your rotor balancing needs can be met quickly and safely by Roteq’s in-house capability.

Roteq’s balancers range from 1 to 10’000 kg using the latest Schenck-Rotec technology and are balanced to relevant ISO/API standards. On completion, you receive a comprehensive balancing report that documents compliance with these international standards.

Our Schenck-Rotec 50 kg and 10’000 kg balancing machines are fitted with the latest measuring systems. Plus, our balancing machines are fitted with a vibration monitoring system to identify the vibration base line prior to installation of the rotor showing mechanical and electrical run out.

For balancing needs at customer site Roteq’s mobile, skid mounted mobile dynamic balancing units will come to your door to preform balancing tasks for your rotating assembly weights up to 3’000 kg.

In-situ dynamic balancing is available for equipment up to 50’000 kg rotor weight.