About us

With our practical know-how and technical backgrounds we established Roteq to fill the need for independent, responsive, accessible and flexible turbomachinery services.

That was in 2004. Since then, our fully equipped workshop, diagnostics and field services have been overhauling, repairing and servicing turbomachinery and associated equipment on hundreds of projects. 

Our independent status and commitment to safety and quality results are important ways in which we add value for our customers and partners. But just as important is getting to know the people we’re working with.

Our interdisciplinary approach and management values develop a close ongoing relationship with our customers and partners through trust, persistance and understanding.

That’s because we’re a people business, where everyone goes the extra mile and gives their very best. 

When a job needs doing, we're there doing it.

Just call us:

Roteq Australia Pty Ltd
Phone +61 2 9984 0700